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Elena Mayer

Full-Stack Web Developer

Programming is my profession, work and hobby.

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name: Elena Mayer E-mail: phone number: + 7 913 902 78 68
Who am i?
I'm a free programmer from Siberia. I love my work and its results.
What i'm doing?
Development and support of services of any complexity. Services architecture and UX / UI design.
What I'm really good at?
Creating an online store, website or service from scratch; Improvement of the existing website/service; Assistance in the implementation of complex projects.
What is my hobbies
Creation of beautiful and convenient services, photography, travel, self-development and self-improvement.


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Here's what i'm doing

Full stack programming, architecture development, UX / UI design.

Backend developing

Development of the server part of the application.

Frontend developing

Programming on the client side of the user interface.

UX/UI design

Development of a high-quality user interface.

24/7 support

Support your application at any time of day or night.

technical skills

Configuring web servers, working with databases, working with version control systems and much more.

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other skills

Distinctively implement granular e-commerce whereas business innovation. Rapidiously unleash viral niches vis-a-vis real-time catalysts.

educations and work experiences

Two higher educations and more than 10 years of work in the IT industry


( 2003 - 2008 ) Specialist of

Means mobile communications


( 2008 - 2011 ) Specialist of

Economics and Enterprise Management


( 2008 - 2012 ) Web-programmer

Development of internal services (CRM, Internet portal); Cross-system integration and architectural tasks; Development of a corporate portal and promo sites.


( 2012 - 2019 ) Web-programmer

Development of internal and external services (corporate portal, internet portal, translation service, etc.); Integration with other services of the company.; Development of scalable and fail-safety architecture


( 2015 - 2015 ) Frontend-programmer

Development, improvement and optimization of UX / UI; Project optimization for mobile device interaction with the backend.

"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it, however. "

- Richard Bach -

My awesome portfolio

Collaboratively fabricate alternative quality vectors through multimedia based web services. Conveniently procrastinate cost effective.

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RF, Novosibirsk

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Mon - Fri : 09.00 - 18.00